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Thuringian Open-Air Museum Hohenfelden

Dive into the countryside and discover how people lived, built, and worked in Thuringian villages in more than 35 historic buildings. Discover how people lived in a time without modern technology and what lies behind a “black kitchen” or how it was like to live in a wooden living room.

The houses of the museum are from different eras and regions of Thuringia, however all of them are historic, unique, and set up authentically to capture their original style and feeling. Besides big and small houses, we have a rare “Umgebindehaus”, a plant-pot pottery, and the oldest windmill in Thuringia on the museum property.

Allow yourself to feel relaxed and fascinated for a few hours by the wonderful atmosphere of our museum. Find peace and relaxation in the idyllic scenery surrounding the museum. The journey continues in the village of Hohenfelden, where you can explore the old “Pfarrhof” with its changing special exhibitions, the former school, or have a look into the old brewery.

If the journey makes you hungry, we are happy to serve you in one of our two museum restaurants.

Thüringer Freilichtmuseum Hohenfelden * Im Dorfe 63 * 99448 Hohenfelden
Telefon: 036450 / 43918 * info@thueringer-freilichtmuseum-hohenfelden.de